How our journey began

My love for Labradoodles began when I was a very little girl. We had a standard poodle who was in season. My mother told us not to let the dog out and then she left. Of course, the first thing we did was to open the door and let the dog out. She promplty found a black lab in our yard and, 9 weeks later, she had the cutest puppies I had ever seen.

My mom loved them and she called them “labrapoos.” Needless to say, we kept one of the, wavy haired puppies. Little did we know that we kept an F1 labradoodle with a pretty, black, wavy, fleece coat. Unfortunately, our standard poodle died shortly after that. We were so sad to lose her that my mother got us a miniatrue poodle. When that poodle got old enough, and went into season, she had a litter with our “labrapooo” Sam. Then, as she was a minature, and Sam was a standard, she only had one rather large puppy. We kept that puppy, and called her Pooh Bear.

Now she would be called a medium sized F1B labradoodle. This began my love of labradoodles. I never forgot those dogs, and 30 years later, my daughter was surfing the internet, and lo and behold, she found out that people in Australia were breeding these dogs.

I was so excited that I knew I had to have one; We got a lovely little apricot cream puppy from Springville Labradoodles, whom we named Dixie Doodle. We were so in love with her that my daughter and I decided to breed Labradoodles. Today we are a mother-daughter team specializing in miniature Australian Labradoodles. We are located in beautiful Olympia, Washington where our puppies are raised with gentle loving care, and a lasting commitment to the breed.